Why Online Counselling Sessions?

Why Online Counselling Sessions?

It is economical. Using this service will save you time and money and gives you the convenience of a schedule that suits your needs (you can write to us at night, for example). There is more anonymity, if that is what you want. You do […]

Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to our blog! We have launched… “One small leap for Change Matters, one giant step into cyberspace!” Please fasten your seat belts and leave your baggage behind as we jump right through the rabbit hole and head for the stars! What can you expect from this […]

Rolled Coconut Koeksisters

On the Easter Weekend Change Matters went to Uitenhage to visit a friend who comes from a large family and a different cultural background. The kitchen seemed the perfect meeting place to exchange news, views and a way to integrate who you are with the […]

Celebrations and Rituals with 2 Wise Woman

Celebrations and Rituals with 2 Wise Woman

PRESENTS: Miranda and Katrin who perform secular celebrations and rituals that take your relationship with another to the next level. This could be your wedding, commitment ceremony, renewal of vows, or a celebration of a life of a loved one.  Please contact us

Devoted Food 

This week: A three-way conversation between Miranda, the White Rabbit, and Doc Hollywood – at the compost heap of course! Dear Reader This is the White Rabbit and I’m standing next to a heap of compost that is ready to be used. This got me […]

Contact Change Matters Counselling Services

Contact us for Individual and couple therapy sessions in Kalk Bay, Cape Town Skype and e-mail counselling & Workshops. To request free advice from our Agony Aunt, The White Rabbit! – please email us at changemattersinfo@gmail.com – or caontact Miranda: 082 630 2371 Online Counselling You may not utilize many of these […]

February 2014

Hi Friends,

Everyone I have spoken to so far is of the opinion that 2013 was a tough year for them in one way or another and that 2014 is the year where they can make something happen in their lives.

With the idea of making something happen in our lives we at Change Matters have decided to revisit an ‘old’ service and re-offer it. This service is our One Day Workshops.

Back in the ‘days’ when Miranda first qualified from SACAP in 2008 at the ripe age of 65 and realised that embarking on a new career as a applied psychology counsellor was the new way to ‘retire’, she decided to begin her practice by running personal growth workshops.


August/September 2012

Why Me?

Hi Friends,

In our Southern Hemisphere the seasons are shifting from Winter to Spring and up North from Summer to Autumn. This changing of the seasons reminds us of the famous poem by A.A. Milne about change:

‘They are changing guards at Buckingham Palace-

Christopher Robin went down with Alice’

Here A.A. Milne meant a ‘changeover’ and a changeover of webmasters has lead to Change Matters getting a complete new facelift or having an ‘about turn’, so to speak. Now our website is ‘Mobi Ready’ –   check it out!

The Movie Series

The Movie Series (in which we use powerful metaphors from our favourite films to guide you)

Love Is Enough

Love Is Enough: On Relationships (A Traveller’s Guide)

Miranda’s Journey

Miranda’s Journey and Top Five Tips for Overcoming Problems In Your Life

How Does Play Therapy Work?

How Does Play Therapy Work? A Guide for Parents

My Diary

And who are you?

And who are you?

 At the Compost Heap…

 Dear Reader

Greetings! Thank you Miranda for that introduction (Who is this White Rabbit?). Of course she forgot to introduce herself, so I guess it’s up to me to do the honours.

Who is she and how did we meet? How we met will be revealed all in good time. Meanwhile for those who have visited the website www.changematters.co.za and hit ‘About Us’ on the Home Page you will find a brief synopsis of her life and her academic qualifications but what you won’t know is how she fell down the ‘rabbit hole’, took the ‘pill’ and landed up at the proverbial ‘compost heap’. (more…)