Month: September 2012

July 2010

Dear Change Matters,

For some time now I have been working on my own personal growth. It has proved most fruitful. I now understand where all my pain originated, how I get triggered and have even managed to use a few tools such as ‘noticing’ and ‘breathing’. Nevertheless, I feel as if I am now treading water. Is this a bad thing?

Treading Water

August 2010


Dear Change Matters

I recently was advised by a close friend to enter into a 12 Step Programme. Yes, there is a history of addiction in my family of origin but I have never had any problems with substance abuse. When I asked why this advise I was told that I come across as if I am ‘walking on eggshells’ and as a result am always trying to control what is happening around me. Yes, I know I try to control things and it has sometimes backfires on me with disastrous results, at times, but I can fix it, so why the recommendation?

Yours sincerely


October/November 2010

Dear White Rabbit,

I feel like I don’t really know who I am or what I want out of life. Is this normal? I am 39 years old. I saw a therapist who says I need to learn how to take care of myself. But I don’t even know how to begin to do this. What did she mean? I was too shy to ask.


Ask the White Rabbit

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December 2010

Dear White Rabbit,

Does couple therapy actually work, and if so, how? My ex-husband and I tried going to some sessions before our divorce, and we just ended up shouting at each other in front of the poor therapist! Now I am in a new relationship where there is a lot of jealousy. Who can help me and what will be different this time?

PS I like your website articles, they get me thinking.

Juliet + Romeo


January 2011

Dear White Rabbit,

February 2011

Dear White Rabbit,

My husband and I separated a few months ago leaving me with dozens of questions as to why it happened and what went wrong. We are on good terms so can talk about the split – but every time I ask him any direct questions as to what prompted him to act he says that he does not know. I am hugely frustrated by this. Do you know why I have such a thirst for answers and is my thirst healthy or just a going to lead me to more misery? (I think I know the answer to this one already but anyway…..)

Thirsty and Frustrated

March 2011

Dear White Rabbit,

I came across your ad on Gumtree and was wondering whether or not you can help me. I am a 39-year old lesbian and my problem is that I don’t know how to feel anything emotionally or physically in my relationship and in life generally.

April/May 2011

Dear White Rabbit 

Hi I saw your profile on and you sound quite different to other counsellors.

I have two questions really: the first is what is depression, in your view? I am a psychologist in private practice and I am on anti-depressants.

I would like to stop them – do you think you can help?

And secondly, why do people drop out of therapy, in your experience and opinion? Do you think therapy really works!?

Many thanks; I enjoy your website a lot, especially the Cookbook!


June/July 2011

The White Rabbit Says:

This month we have a spill-over from our last installment, when M asked – why do people drop out of therapy and does therapy really work?

Then we also have a new question from D who writes: