The Pottery Night Meditation Cookbook

The Milk of . . .

Some people would say that milk is only for babies and that when you grow older you need a different diet. They may be right, but for me a life without milk would be a rather dismal experience. Imagine avoiding milk in one’s tea or cream with one’s coffee, no yoghurt on the breakfast muesli, no hot custard on a cold winter’s night, no toasted cheese sandwiches or no cheesecake when friends come to visit.

Spring Shoots Stirfry

In keeping with our Spring theme we are offering a dish that represents new beginnings with the opportunity of clearing the palate from its winter wrappings of stews and sustaining soups.

Celebration Cake

Since Change Matters is 1 years old we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate with a chocolate cake – the kind that stops you in your tracks, a mouth-watering sensation of pure and unadulterated decadence, something normally prohibited in daily use but quite acceptable for special occasions – albeit in small quantities.