Who Are We?

We are a clinical psychologist and a counsellor who have joined forces to create a consultancy for effective personal change.

We like to think of our sessions with you as tutorials because we know that you are your most dynamic change agent. We use creative, symbolic techniques because they access parts of ourselves that our conscious minds cannot. We hop out of the box – and you can too!


Our clients have said:I am getting better at drawing on a power outside of me and trusting it.
I am feeling less scared about my future in all areas. I am getting better at taking it day by day, rather than the enormity of what I may be feeling.
I am getting better at comforting myself.
I am trusting myself more and feeling more confident/ relaxed!
I am feeling more empowered!

Miranda…you were the guide through a dark, unexplored thicket. Thanks, it appealed to my adventurous, curious nature. At times I was reluctant but you are an experienced guide and got me through in the end. Jana, a quiet guardian and watcher. Your presence helped me to feel safe.

About Jana

I first met Miranda when I signed up to do some of her workshops.

I have found them life-changing and continue to be involved with them as a way of staying connected with my own process, as well as helping others gain the same benefits that I have.

As a clinical psychologist I have experienced many different kinds of therapies, both as a practitioner and as a client myself.

About Miranda

Pro picI began my quest towards self-discovery sitting at Swami Venkatesananda’s feet in the mid-1960’s. Those early days found me teaching Hatha Yoga both in Windhoek and in Cape Town. I also coordinated weekend workshops and wrote a series of articles on Hatha Yoga with a close friend and mentor that appeared in the Sunday Times called ‘Yoga with Wendy’.

About Us

The caterpillar asks Alice: ‘And who are you?’

Sometime during our lifetime many of us are given the opportunity to grapple with that question.

So begins the journey down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole’ into ‘wonderland’ where we wander and wonder at the bits and pieces of our lives that haven’t made sense or have caused us much fear, pain and confusion.

We love the story of Alice as a metaphor for the journey for self discovery.