Miranda here. Following on from my last post:

I was very open to Wendy’s offer to teach me techniques that would help in birthing my second child. I had, at the age of 18, when I was pregnant with my firstborn, attended a lecture on ‘Transcendental Meditation’ and had been initiated. I had found this method very helpful up until my recent circumstances had made me feel so desperate. We agreed that Wendy would come and visit me daily. During this time she became an anchor, a mast, a lighthouse in the storm of my life. Her visits would begin with birthing postures, breathing techniques, followed by meditation in the tiny servant’s room where I was living in that back yard. Four weeks turned into six before my second son decided to be born in one hour flat from start to finish with absolutely no pain and very little discomfort.

Many years later after meeting Swamiji myself, sitting at his ‘feet’, becoming a yoga teacher in my own right and living in Muizenberg with both my children and a new husband I was able to return to Wendy the gift of support she had given me on that hot summer’s day.

Wendy had recently found herself in a position where it was necessary for her to augment her income. We had spoken about it but neither of us could think of a way out of this conundrum. My husband who was a journalist for the Sunday Times hit on this brainwave. He said ‘Miranda you’ve always wanted to write, why don’t you write some articles on yoga and Wendy you can pose for the pictures, I’ll take the photos and submit them to the paper for publication. We will need to make these articles readable to the average man-in-the-street, so nothing too esoteric and maybe we can do the shots outdoors to create an informal atmosphere and we can call the articles “Yoga with Wendy” so that the readers can relate to her.’

We all thought it was a fun thing to try, so Wendy got into her leotard and off we went in search for suitable venues. What we didn’t realise at the time was, that to do yoga postures on Kalk Bay Harbour wall with a strong wind blowing off the sea and waves crashing over the end of the pier, can be quite a challenge. We also didn’t know that when it came to writing the material that went with the pictures that this too would be an even greater challenge.

I remember my first article. I had to introduce what is yoga for the first time to people who normally go to the back page of the Sunday Times for a bit of gossip and suddenly they were being saddled with reading about philosophy, regardless of how palatable it was being presented. I remember how difficult it was to introduce the subject matter, how challenging it was to keep my sentences short and how my husband who would proof read my work kept on giving it back to me, saying ‘This makes no sense’ or ‘What do you mean by this?’

Nevertheless ‘Yoga with Wendy’ ran each week for a whole year. I kept a scrapbook with all the cuttings haphazardly pasted in for all these years. Wendy died about 10 years ago but to honour her memory I decided to use some of these articles on the Change Matters website. I felt that whoever wished to get themselves into physical and maybe mental shape could enjoy them by starting a daily programme in their own homes instead of schlepping off to the gym and paying someone else to get them fit.

So that, Dear Reader, is how Wendy landed on our website as a ‘Free Resource’!

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