July 2010


For some time now I have been working on my own personal growth. It has proved most fruitful. I now understand where all my pain originated, how I get triggered and have even managed to use a few tools such as ‘noticing’ and ‘breathing’. Nevertheless, I feel as if I am now treading water. Is this a bad thing?

Treading Water

Dear Treading Water

Well done for getting this far and no, the feeling of treading water is intrinsically not a ‘bad’ thing. It could be that you are taking a rest so as to absorb what you have uncovered – assimilating the process. On the other hand, it could mean that you fear taking the next step, that of changing your old behaviour patterns.

If you find yourself ‘treading water’ for too long, then it’s time for action. Yes, I know old behaviour patterns are like a ‘Linus’ blanket but they have outworn their stay as they no longer work for you.

I know it takes effort and courage to change so take a deep breath and start swimming towards your goal – a new life free of old baggage.

Yours truly

Swimming Instructor