March 2010

This month a client comments on her process. She has found the Chatbox (that is, your input on this site) “interesting and encouraging” and says:


I am talking to myself in a more positive fashion and acknowledging that I have a choice as to how I think in that if I follow a non-constructive way of thinking it will lead me to an empty place that can cause a lot of negative emotions. I don’t want that! However, I am trying to balance (this with) the art of recognising when I am “allowed” to feel certain emotions when dealing with certain situations.

Dear N

You are practising the art of noticing, and one of the things you are noticing is that change is starting to happen in your life! This is very exciting. Don’t be alarmed if you periodically find yourself back in the doldrums, and don’t be too hard on yourself about it, it is inevitable and natural. Sometimes we think change is a fresh start or a clean slate, but in actual fact it is a process of daily application. The tricky situations and your old impulses to react to them will always be there. What is different is that you now have the power to notice what is going on and to make better choices for yourself, as you demonstrate in your letter. Congratulations!

Your letter invites us to pose the following questions to other participants:

  • Did you know that you have a choice about how you think? Did you know that thinking and talking can be forms of addiction?
  • Can you see that going down certain avenues of thinking bring you to an empty, painful place? And what can you do about that?