I am learning from my hands


I am learning from my hands.

The Open Hand where the butterfly sits –
The Gloved Hand poised to grasp the matter at hand –
The Folded Palms of acknowledgement to Inner Self –
The Naked Hands that gently hold the moment of pain –
The Twirling Fingers leading a thought into an Aha moment –
The Writing Hand that records –
The Still Hands that do not interrupt –
The Stroking Hands that soothe and encourage –
The Deft Fingers that slip under the skin and part Outer Roles from Inner Self –
The Thumb that rotates small mantra circles of healing to spiral through tense atmospheres –
The Three Straight Fingers that lightly tap against the upturned wrist driving home a point –
The Middle Finger that strokes the nail quick impatiently waiting for the lies to unpeel –
The Fingers that adjust the glasses before providing an insight or a new perspective –
The Curled Hand that pinches the nose between thumb and forefinger to hold back an inappropriate exclamation of laughter, frustration or derision by blowing air into the ears –
The Ring Finger that rubs the bone behind the ear to free the knots of mounting confusion –
The Thumb that is gripped tightly in anticipation for hopes and dreams to reach fruition –
The Intertwined Hands that grasp each other in silent prayer waiting for the other shoe to fall –
The Raised Hand that stops the train of thought mid-track –
The Cupped Hand that props the chin as the story unfolds –
The Raised Index Finger that rests against the temple, waiting for the truth to reveal itself and

The Iron Fist that smashes through barriers of misconception.

All these and more I am learning from my hands

Elisa Burke