Bar’s Banana Ice Cream


 Photograph by Ian Ransley

What Is Your Favourite Pudding?

There is a question in a book called ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron that asks – What is your favourite pudding? When I first began addressing my own healing process that question threw me completely. It took me three days of much rumination, going down memory lane into my childhood and back up again to decide that anything made with milk or cream was the best and most comforting taste in the world for me. I now realise that this desire for milk or cream can be translated into many forms and with the heat of summer beating down upon where I live, nothing is as satisfying as a bowl of home-made ice-cream.

My friend Bar has a recipe that has been in her family for years. She makes it with bananas but any fruit of your choice can be added.

The reason for choosing bananas is that they are cheap, have a strong flavour and don’t crystallize but this ice-cream also tastes amazing with dried apricots that have been cooked in Rooibos Tea  and then pulverized in a blender – it’s the tangy contrast between the cream and the stewed fruit that does it.

Other favourite blends are fresh peaches, fresh berries and mangoes.

Chop up 8 Bananas
Add 2 x 250g of Fresh Cream
Add 1 tin of Condensed Milk
Put in a blender and whirr until smooth
Decant into 2 pottery bowls
Put into the freezer for 2 days
Take out 45 minutes before serving

The amount is about 2 litres of ice-cream if you try with only half the bananas and cream the taste is too sweet. So we make 2 bowls and only use 1 bowl at a time.