Guava Fool


The best way to eat this fruit is to pick it straight off the tree, shine it up on your sleeve and sink your teeth in to its delicious flesh.

If you are lucky to have a bumper crop and the time then you have the opportunity to do all sorts of things such as preserves, jams and pickles.

What if you don’t have a garden or a guava tree? What if your time is so structured that it doesn’t include stocking up for winter? What if you are single, live alone? What if you have young children who hate guavas because of the pips? What if you are about to have friends over for supper and want to give them a pudding but can’t think what to make? What if you want something quick and easy for breakfast? Well Guava Fool is the thing to serve.

Fooling Around

The day before you need the dish, select enough guavas for your needs. Make sure they are neither too green nor over ripe. Peel the skin and cut in half. Place in a pot with a bit of sugar, ground cinnamon and sufficient water to cover half of the guavas. Cook until soft.

Put the cooked guavas through a sieve. Put your pips into your compost bin. Alternatively if you and your friends and family prefer the more crunchy experience, then keep the pips and just mash up the fruit into a fine pulp. Personally, I prefer to leave the pips out as it gives a different textual experience in the mouth.

Continue cooking the sugar water so that it reduces and thickens slightly.

Add to guava pulp, mix and cool. Once it has reached room temperature put the pulp in the fridge until cold.

Here is where the fooling around begins – depending on whether you are health conscious or not you can use two different ingredients to make the fool.

The first is Greek Yoghurt. This is the healthy part. Take your pulp and mix the two together. Place in individual bowls, sprinkle with muesli crunch and a sprig of fresh mint. You can also turn these ingredients around by putting more muesli at the bottom of the bowl adding less guava fool on the top with a sprig of fresh mint. Return to the fridge until just before serving. This makes a light breakfast alternative.

The second is Double Cream and my personal favourite. Make sure your cream is thick before mixing the two together. Place in individuals bowls. Sprinkle with some decadent grated dark chocolate and a sprig of fresh mint. Return to the fridge until just before serving. This makes a good ending to a meal.