We recently were interviewed about ‘Road Rage’ for Psychologies magazine in which we provided tips for managing rage. One of these tips was – ensure you have a nourishing breakfast that provides a slow release of energy throughout the morning.

The reason for this suggestion was that it will prevent you from experiencing that ‘spaced-out’ feeling that so often happens when we eat sugar loaded foods. We have nothing against sugar per se; in fact a culinary friend of ours said sugar in small applications to a dish can enhance the flavour – so sugar should be viewed as a condiment rather than the base of a meal.

In our home we make our own muesli. This is the main component in maintaining a sustained energy level. Every two months we buy a variety of dried ingredients for this and store it in large pottery containers. Each day we scoop some out and add low fat yoghurt and some fresh fruit to the bowl.


Grains – Rolled Oats, Bran, Wheat Germ and Plain Puffed Wheat

Nuts – Pecan, Brazil, Hazelnuts and Cashews

Seeds – Linseed, Sesame and Poppy

Dried fruits – Seedless Raisins, Chopped Apricots and Peaches

Fresh Fruit Favourites – Pawpaw, Berries, Bananas, Mangoes, Nectarines and Apples

Fresh Herbs – Mint provides a refreshing taste. It is also useful for settling stomach gases

Yoghurt – Plain Drinking Yoghurt or if you are so inclined, then make your own.