Sep Mushroom Soup

With thanks to Steve who collected the large Sep Mushrooms
but is not telling where.


1 carrier bag full of large Sep Mushrooms
Chicken Stock Cube
Lots of Chopped Garlic
Black Pepper
Salt and/or Soy Sauce to taste



After getting over the shock of such a generous gift, take the mushrooms out of the bag and wipe them clean of pine needles and moist earth.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Slice the mushrooms including the stems that are soft and juicy as opposed to woody and dry ones.

Fry the mushrooms in batches with butter in a large frying pan – not too many all at once – on a medium to high heat until well browned. You will find this requires you to relax, smell the Seps and watch the process. Try not to think – just watch and smell.

Place cooked mushrooms on a paper towel to absorb some of the butter – unless you aren’t too fussed by heart problems.

Once all  the mushrooms are cooked, make a sauce with the remaining butter and maybe a little extra, the crushed garlic, one crumbled chicken stock cube and the flour – make enough so when you add the milk (about a litre) your sauce will still be the consistency of ‘cream of soup’.

Add your Seps and allow cooling to take place.

Put into a blender in batches and give it a whirr, until the Seps and sauce are well blended.

Depending on the consistency, you may either add some water or milk, or go completely over the top and add cream.

Soy sauce, salt and black pepper to taste

Re-heat and serve with ciabatta bread.

I also like mine with chopped fresh coriander.