June/July Newsletter 2012

 Rejection is my Trigger

Hi Friends

This month The White Rabbit Speaks on the subject of Rejection – why it has less to do with him (or her) and so much more to do with you (and your unresolved issues). A bitter pill to swallow, perhaps.

What makes Change Matters different is the psycho-educational aspect (“adult education” and “experiential learning”) which is combined with insights from the addiction model and the world of clinical psychology. This is because we (Miranda and Jana) have pooled our experience, theoretical models and particular strengths. So we are a bit different from your average “talking therapy” in that we work with you more proactively.

Recently on blog you can read the Strange But True tale of how Yoga (of all things) ended up on our site. It goes something like this (Miranda says):

“I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. It was a hot summer’s day and I was sitting in the back yard. I was feeling very depressed. Life was difficult. I felt alone, unsupported and isolated. I was thinking…”

We believe in synchronicity (or rather, we should say we have noticed its effect in our lives!) and on blog you can read about how A Strange Meeting many years ago influenced what and where we are today.

Read about Miranda birthing, sipping carrot juice with the White Rabbit, running from the Special Branch, and chewing the cud (oops) on the subject of the Great Thinkers.

Why do we have Free Resources on our sites?

This could be your creative outlet on the one hand and on the other it might also benefit readers who aren’t interested in queuing up at the door of our practice room, but rather want something they can access from the comfort of your personal computer albeit at home, the workplace or wherever.

And why do we use symbolic techniques in our work? So that you get to play, of course. What would therapy be if it didn’t involve laughter, fun and creative action?

We wrap up our Behind the Scenes series with Miranda singing her own rap song (appropriately), in a busy restaurant at The End of the Universe, of all places.

And we give you a sneak preview of what August and September hold for you – Doc Hollywood gets tough on you, and reads you the Riot Act on The Principles of Change. Are you really in a change process? Or do you think your life would be better if only he hadn’t rejected you?

Our warmest winter wishes
As Always
Miranda and Jana