October-November 2009


Welcome to Change Matters and thanks for visiting us.

As this is our first blog post we hope that you have had the chance to explore the other areas on this site first and now have a general idea of what we are all about.

Nevertheless here is a little more about who we are, do and be to give you a better picture and stimulate/support your own change challenges and processes.

What do you get when someone is bursting?

The answer is – create a website – Change Matters is about – bursting to:

  • Share experiences, hopes and dreams
  • Act as a stimulation, a prod, a challenge for change
  • Encourage those who are on a process of change
  • Provide a conduit of support
  • Inspire alternatives for those who are feeling stuck – ‘square peg in a round hole syndrome’
  • Make a difference for self, others and our planet
  • Provide a platform for creative expression
  • Explore and get to know who you are and what you can be
  • Celebrate changes of personal transformation

Change Matters is not about reinventing the wheel – it’s about looking at all the available information that already exists within and around us and choosing to make use of it in a mindful and respectful manner.

In some ways we would like to see this as a ‘community’ dedicated to those, who like our logo, ‘The Whale’s Tail’, are prepared to metaphorically turn on their heads, dive into the ‘waters of life’,  participate by actualising their fullest potential and make the difference for themselves and others.

Change Matters doesn’t claim to have all the answers, we are not an oracle or an authority, nor do we have an exclusive handle on anything – but we are about being:

  • Curious
  • Engaged in personal transformation
  • Creative
  • Having fun while doing and being ‘the change we want to be’
  • Contributing to those who choose to make a difference.

In the light of the above statements we are hoping to form links with others so that you can feel free to explore what others represent and are doing to stimulate transformational change. More next month.