October/November 2011

Addicted to e-mails

Dear friends

We have been wondering what we can write in a newsletter to you that will stimulate and encourage you in positive directions, help you see the light, and change your reality for the better. Perhaps just saying that it is entirely within your power to do so, is enough. By now you may know that key ways to do this are to become aware, to take responsibility for what is yours, and to action it. These are some of our principles. This month The White Rabbit demonstrates how to turn them into a practical 5 step programme…when she answers the question,

Am I addicted to emailing?!

Two Therapists (are better than one)

Miranda continues to spread the word. She is currently working with Kim Kulenkampff, our second trainee. Kim and Miranda see some clients together, so our unusual model of “two are better than one” continues. And yet, we are not double the price!! Kim obtained her Masters in Counselling Psychology in the UK and also works in the field of natural remedies – she says her passion lies in assisting people through their healing process and helping them recognise their true potential through therapeutic change. A kindred spirit! Book your session now.

Affordable Workshop: find out who you really are

A benefit of training is that trainees regularly offer discounted workshops in conjunction with Miranda. On Sunday 18 December join us for our latest workshop, Self-Love! This workshop is about helping you begin your journey in understanding who you are underneath the masks you wear and behind the roles you play in daily life. Discover and meet your true self and learn how you can reconnect with parts of yourself you had long forgotten or chosen to ignore. 10 am – 3 pm, venue to be announced. The workshop costs only R300 per person. Refreshments and a light vegetarian meal are included. Book now.

Google Group

If you have LinkedIn with us, why not also join our Google Group and receive our newsletter in your inbox? Now and then there is a bonus feature, whereby clients send out private (and incidentally, quite encouraging) information to the whole group…! Only kidding – we apologise, and have fixed the technological oversight that made it possible for this to happen.

Scrap The Guide

Miranda and Jana have unexpectedly been struck by inspiration…we thought we were writing our blog…turns out it might be material for our book, which has been in gentle evolution since the start of our web activities…Miranda leaps out of bed at 6.30 am to write. Jana writes while the baby sleeps. If you can’t contain your curiosity, request an early instalment. It contains the “backstory” of how we met and what went on behind the scenes…

Seasonal Gifts: The Lovely Kalk Bay Harbour Calendar 2012

For those who visit our website we have a special treat for you. Yes, Andrew the photographer who took the image of the ‘Whale’s Tail’ – our logo, has done it again!

If you click onto Special Links you will find his third and latest calendar that reflects the beauty of Kalk Bay’s majestic harbour. Change Matters was so impressed with this new body of work that we asked him whether we could be one of his sponsors. You can see us representing July.

Kalk Bay and especially the harbour have played a significant role in Andrew’s life. He not only lives in Kalk Bay but decided during 2011 to get married under the red lighthouse on the end of the pier at the harbour’s entrance.

What we like about this calendar, apart from its beautiful photos, is that is also has the dates of the local school terms as well as the dates of public and different religious holidays and it also includes useful dates such as World Water Day, Earth Hour and a Partial Lunar Eclipse. The calendar can be hung so that you can enjoy the particular image for that month as well as giving you enough space to write down your own events you want to attend.

This calendar makes an ideal Christmas present or end-of-the-year corporate gift, we should know because many of our clients and friends will be receiving them.

Well done, Andrew!

Happy Holidays

Miranda will be here and is available for counselling over the holiday season. Some clients have begun to use a mix of modalities, popping in to see us one week, and Skyping with Miranda the next – as you feel, or according to your circumstances. Skype sessions great for emergencies or for when you’re on holiday or away on business. Clients have been known to Skype us from their beds or from hospitals. www.changematterscounselling.com

With best wishes till we reconnect in December/January,
Miranda and Jana