September 2010

Dear Friends,

This month’s newsletter begins with a question.

Where do I begin?

When people are in pain, and their lives are not as they want them to be, there are 3 stages of resolving the issue. Firstly, the natural focus is often “What’s wrong with this situation/my husband/my boss – that is causing me difficulty?” The next phase is when you grasp that some of your own behaviours are getting you into trouble, but they are difficult to stop. Change is scary because of taking risks, trying something new and different, and the insecurity of that attempt – “will I fail” is what can block you. Lastly, you become prepared to thoroughly investigate how you function in the world. You realise that you are in charge. No matter at what stage you are, we can help you – Contact Us.

What’s new?

We are celebrating the season of Spring that represents birth and new beginnings with some refreshing changes! Confused about what we do or how we fit in with other therapy practices? At the bottom of our Home Page you can now see a descriptive summary of our work – The Google Guide to the Galaxy!

Food for Thought now has its own space in our Articles section, where you can access it directly. This month’s article addresses the idea of Spring cleaning in “The Land of Psyche”. This process is about discarding old habits and the need to adopt new behaviours that challenge us constantly. It talks about one of the root causes of our reluctance to “Spring clean” and offers some encouragement to do it anyway.

Articles for September

The Pottery Night Meditation Cookbook, in keeping with Springtime, offers you a recipe that will cleanse your palate and help you slough off any winter sluggishness.

Yoga with Wendy writes about Chinese sages of yesteryear and how they responded to the changes of season in their daily lives. This article also offers the Swan Balance that is a set of postures that not only loosens you up, but also challenges your ability to maintain balance.

Creative Contributions – The Chakra Chart Meditation Project goes green. A green flower?! Have a look!

An Occasion of Note

In August, Codependents Anonymous (CoDA) hosted a workshop in Kalk Bay on Anonymity. You might wonder how a morning can be spent unpacking a concept that is such an obvious principle. Nevertheless when 40 people got into small groups and shared their experience, gems were revealed. Two guest speakers also contributed invaluable personal insights and finally there was an opportunity for individuals to add their response in a space that was safe and accepting for all. In future Change Matters will be posting these workshops in our Upcoming Events as we feel that anyone who has a desire for healthy and fulfilling relationships could benefit from these workshops. You don’t have to be a member of CoDA to attend; in fact newcomers are always welcome.

If you are unsure whether you are “codependent” (and are wondering what that is), go to our Quiz Section. We have a Codependence Quiz that you can download for free and fill out in your own time.

Special Links

Change Matters discovered that some of the friends we honour on Special Links have being busy launching themselves into new beginnings:

We would like to congratulate Andrew Hewett for getting his website up and running. It is called  and for those of you who have followed this talented local photographer, there is a feast in store. Not only can you now order his latest 2011 calendar – The Lovely Kalk Bay Harbour, but you can browse his site and enjoy a variety of subject matters.

We would also like to congratulate Nicky Abdinor, who recently appeared on SABC2’s programme called ‘Fokus’. Well done Nicky! Those of you who missed this opportunity can see her on Special Links – Drive to Motivate or go to her personal website to learn more about her and see her car.

John Newdigate who is A Potter of Note on Special Links has also been busy. Our roving reporter found his work, in conjunction with other ceramicists, currently being exhibited at Kalk Bay Modern. If you live in Cape Town, now is the time to visit Kalk Bay, not only to view artistic work but also to enjoy the whales that are making their appearance in the bay during this month.

Finally Change Matters went to Lynn Carneson’s launch of her recent book Red in the Rainbow, as showcased on Special Links. They bought the book, came home, sat down and read it from cover to cover. It is an extraordinary book; a definite “must-read” that gripped us from beginning to end. Lynn’s book is highly informative, deeply evocative and very readable. Enjoy!

With best wishes for Spring in your step!
Miranda and Jana