Creative Contributions

My Legacy

I ask myself what is my legacy?
I cannot know
What others deem important
That I leave behind

Feelings in Process

I feel let down, betrayed, cheated, disappointed,
guilt, shame, anger, self-righteous, disempowered, fear,
grief, loss, sad, isolated, abandoned, small, worthless,
helpless, hopeless, not good enough, stupid, depressed,
resentful, frustrated and sometimes darn-right murderous.

I am learning from my hands

I am learning from my hands. 

The Open Hand where the butterfly sits –
The Gloved Hand poised to grasp the matter at hand –
The Folded Palms of acknowledgement to Inner Self –
The Naked Hands that gently hold the moment of pain –
The Twirling Fingers leading a thought into an Aha moment –
The Writing Hand that records –
The Still Hands that do not interrupt –
The Stroking Hands that soothe and encourage –

You wrested me

You wrested me
from mine
in the madness of a March month.
I acquiesced.

I ran from the conception
but you lay latent in me,
in every waking
and my torture had begun.

Tight Thoughts

I stagger from the luncheon table
Pleading repletion

But in truth all I want is to be able
To feed another addiction

Out on the balcony looking down
Nicotine smoke curling all around

My head is filled with blackened thoughts
Of should’s and could’s and ought’s

This is my illness

This is my illnessI know what my illness is and it’s not what anyone else says or thinks it might be. This is my illness: I hear and see it as I move silently about the house, alone. It is not in what I do or say or how I act or react to other people

For R


Lost in Transit

As up the winding stair I climb


That a soul is left behind

I pause –

Bereft of meaning, use – and


By a sudden wave of hopelessness, despair,

Swallow another summer of my life

In the Doghouse Again

For B


AaaaaaOooooo AaaaaaOooooo
Pick up the Doggy Do Poo if you know what’s good for youooo
We all have chores and this is yours


Dedicated to the counsellors and
psychologists who arepresented
with this defence mechanism

In the land of Psyche investigation probes or hounds and defenses abound. Go too deep too quick or even slow through the layers to a core. And you might find there is no-one no more


Dedicated to women struggling in marriages.

There is nothing wrong with me he said
I don’t need to go for marriage counselling
As he stroked the cat on his lap
Giving it all his love

Eliza Burke