Food For Thought


We often hear people say that Decemeber is the worst time of the year.

The reason given is either that they are alone while everyone else is surrounded by their families or they are so surrounded by their families that they wished they were alone.

One of the tools that you could use to navigate through this time is Noticing. Well, what is Noticing?

It’s about being present to what is happening around you and how it affects you.


In December we spoke about a tool called Noticing.

This raises a question what do you do after you have noticed that the feelings you are experiencing are ones that are so overwhelming and powerful that they are bursting to be released. Yet if you unleash them at that moment you know that it will have a negative effect for yourself and those around you. Congratulations if you have realised this! So what can you do?

Road Rage

Change Matters was recently interviewed by a journalist who was writing an article on women who experience Road Rage. Here are some practical tips we shared with her on the matter.

Whether you know that you are capable of road rage or not, there are measures you can put in place – especially if the rest of your life is pressurized and hectic.

A Word or Two about Madness

The month is March, and our thoughts turn to madness. This month we would like to talk about rumination.
A lot of us try to solve our problems by thinking them through.

The Fool

 So what has the above image of The Fool got to do with healing, self-discovery and rejuvenation one might ask? Surely this image is linked to The Major Arcana in the Tarot cards that are used for divination and reading your fortune? Yes, it is but as with any image it can be used as a point of contemplation, a focus to unpack concepts, an inspiration to change directions.

The Monkey Concept

In April Change Matters presented a talk called ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ at the 8 o’clock Club. One of the concepts we unpacked to the audience was how can we change a behaviour that has become so entrenched in our lives that we do it without thinking – we just reacte and Voila there we go again!

Something Fishy

What does ‘something fishy’ mean when you are not in the kitchen cooking fish?

In the Change Matters context it refers to something not being quite right, something that needs to be investigated or uncovered, something that isn’t quite jelling, is out of sync. Just like this illustration of a can.

Strut Your Stuff

Our rooster is the epitome of the saying ‘Strut your stuff’ as he exudes confidence; it is part of his authentic ‘cocky’ nature. He knows his surroundings; he isn’t ‘cooped up’ and he is free to be who he is – ‘cock-of-the-walk’.

Restoring Equanimity

As you can see from above and our sidebar, what has been broken into pieces can, with loving patience and with some time and effort, is restored.

Spring Season

Depending where you are in the world the seasons are changing.

Here in South Africa new shoots and buds are bursting forth. In “The Land of Psyche” there are also seasons. They too seem to be cyclical – discarding old habits and the need to adopt new behaviours challenge us constantly.