February 2014

Hi Friends,

Everyone I have spoken to so far is of the opinion that 2013 was a tough year for them in one way or another and that 2014 is the year where they can make something happen in their lives.

With the idea of making something happen in our lives we at Change Matters have decided to revisit an ‘old’ service and re-offer it. This service is our One Day Workshops.

Back in the ‘days’ when Miranda first qualified from SACAP in 2008 at the ripe age of 65 and realised that embarking on a new career as a applied psychology counsellor was the new way to ‘retire’, she decided to begin her practice by running personal growth workshops.


August/September 2012

Why Me?

Hi Friends,

In our Southern Hemisphere the seasons are shifting from Winter to Spring and up North from Summer to Autumn. This changing of the seasons reminds us of the famous poem by A.A. Milne about change:

‘They are changing guards at Buckingham Palace-

Christopher Robin went down with Alice’

Here A.A. Milne meant a ‘changeover’ and a changeover of webmasters has lead to Change Matters getting a complete new facelift or having an ‘about turn’, so to speak. Now our website is ‘Mobi Ready’ –   check it out!

October-November 2009

Welcome to Change Matters and thanks for visiting us.

As this is our first blog post we hope that you have had the chance to explore the other areas on this site first and now have a general idea of what we are all about.


April 2010

April Fool

Dear Friends,

Welcome to April, an auspicious month for fooling around! Yes, we’ve done it again. We have had some fun and done some changes. Gone is The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and enter The Fool to signify new beginnings and a host of other metaphorical meanings that you can read under Food for Thought.
Special thanks – no kidding!


June 2010

Something Fishy

Catch of the day

Our side bar sports a new image that was taken by our photographer Andrew Hewett of ‘The Classic Kalk Bay Red House Lighthouse Calendar’ fame. Andrew has a whole new set of fish on Special Links that demonstrate his artistry and skill. Thanks Andrew for allowing us to use ‘Catch of the Day’ for our June theme, which we have elected to call ‘Something Fishy’!

Whale meet again…

September 2010

Spring Fest
Dear Friends,

This month’s newsletter begins with a question. Where do I begin?

When people are in pain, and their lives are not as they want them to be, there are 3 stages of resolving the issue. Firstly, the natural focus is often “What’s wrong with this situation/my husband/my boss – that is causing me difficulty?” The next phase is when you grasp that some of your own behaviours are getting you into trouble, but they are difficult to stop. Change is scary because of taking risks, trying something new and different, and the insecurity of that attempt – “will I fail” is what can block you. Lastly, you become prepared to thoroughly investigate how you function in the world. You realise that you are in charge. No matter at what stage you are, we can help you – Contact Us.

October/November 2011

Addicted to e-mails

Dear friends

We have been wondering what we can write in a newsletter to you that will stimulate and encourage you in positive directions, help you see the light, and change your reality for the better. Perhaps just saying that it is entirely within your power to do so, is enough. By now you may know that key ways to do this are to become aware, to take responsibility for what is yours, and to action it. These are some of our principles. This month The White Rabbit demonstrates how to turn them into a practical 5 step programme…when she answers the question,

Am I addicted to emailing?!

June/July Newsletter 2012

Rejection is my Trigger

Hi Friends

This month The White Rabbit Speaks on the subject of Rejection – why it has less to do with him (or her) and so much more to do with you (and your unresolved issues). A bitter pill to swallow, perhaps.