Free Resources

Free Resources

Dear Reader,

Yeah, this is the White Rabbit again and yes, I’m still hanging out at the compost heap! We will probably stay here until all the material that goes to make up is examined from its original ‘vegetable peelings’ into what it has now become – nourishing sludge that makes things grow.

As I have said, until Change Matters got established as a website Jana and Miranda were ‘closet writers’ – actually both had had some of their scribbling published at some time or another but nothing compared to the huge amount of writing they would have to do in the space of 3 months in order to give Valda sufficient material to set up the site.

Miranda had been adamant about her need to share her experience, strength and hope in a creative manner that was not only informative but also useful and fun. I also had pointed out that if you want to make good compost then you need a variety of vegetables, it can’t be made just out of carrot tops! Well, that’s my opinion on the section they wanted to call ‘Services’. I suggested that they share some of their more creative endevours. Those of you who have been following this conversation from the beginning will remember that Miranda loves to cook, not that she is a great cook, in fact recently she turned on the stove to heat up the food, got side-tracked by the South African Censors coming to interview how many people live in the house, and slightly burnt the bottom of the pot.

Sorry, I’ve digressed, where was I? Oh yes, creative contributions drawn from past experiences. So I suggested that both Miranda and Jana set up a section called ‘Free Resources’. This could be their creative outlet on the one hand and on the other it might also benefit their readers who weren’t interested in queuing up at the door of their practice room, but rather wanted something they could access from the comfort of their personal computer albeit at home, the workplace or wherever.

My thinking goes like this, some people are desperate for services so they will ‘surf the net’, find what resonates for them and then phone and make an appointment. Other people are quite comfortable with their lives. The thought of making all that effort to change does not appeal to them, nevertheless deep down inside they are looking for something more. It could be a recipe, a new way of getting their bodies into shape, a poem to inspire or an article that could stimulate those entrenched thought waves into a different direction.

If you go to ‘Free Resources’ you’ll find what I’m talking about. There is ‘The Pottery Night Meditation Cook Book’, ‘Creative Contributions’, ‘The Newsletter’ and also amongst this section is ‘Yoga with Wendy’.

At this point (in the next post) I’m going to hand over to Miranda. She can tell you in her own words who Wendy was and how she got onto the back page of the Sunday Times in 1973.

But in the meantime why don’t you check out the Free Resources we mentioned, get into some poses if you want, read some poetry, chew on some food for thought, and try a new recipe! Bet you didn’t know mental health could take on so many forms…

The White Rabbit