Just Do It!

Just Do It!

Dear Reader

Again, Miranda has asked me to continue this tail (!) of how Change Matters got its name and how I arrived on Planet Web. First, let us go back a bit.

Miranda had taken quite an ‘ego-knock’ when she was told that at the age of 65 she might find working full-time at an addiction center exhausting. After all most people retire at that age, this is the time for metaphorically sitting on the front porch and watching the sun go down.

Miranda knew deep down inside those 5 years of intensive hard work on her own recovery and healing needed to be actively translated into something whereby others could also benefit from her experience, strength and hope. Now the door of working as an employee was firmly closed in her face. She initially felt quite miffed, but then her sense of optimism took over and she saw it as a sign to move on, but to what, became the gnawing question (if you’ll excuse another dreadful pun…).

When Miranda is not sure about the next step she usually sits down and has a conversation with The Universe. This particular conversation went something like this:

M – ‘You’ve brought me this far, now what am I supposed to do?’

Then she stares into space and waits. In many ways she becomes like a cow who chews the cud. Her mind floats until the ‘penny’ drops, so to speak. On this particular occasion, the words ‘You have a zest for life’ dropped into her mind and a conversation ensued:

M – ‘Yes I have.’

U – ‘Well then, share it.’

M – ‘How?’

U – ‘Run personal growth workshops.’

M- ‘What!’ Me! How?’

U – ‘Yes you! Use your experience from the time you taught yoga classes or even when you ran workshops on disability as an adult education practitioner, but extend it to the field of psycho-education. Just say yes and the rest will follow!’

M – ‘You’re asking me to do a leap of faith again?’

U – ‘Yes, just do it.’

So Miranda took a leap and ‘Quest for Zest’ workshops were born. Their beginnings were very small. A logo in the form of a whale’s tail was selected from her son Andrew’s vast collection of amazing Kalk Bay photographs to advertise these workshops. Premises were negotiated, flyers were distributed and Miranda began.

By the time Miranda met Valda at the pottery exhibition she had completed a series of workshops but only a few people had benefited from them, one of them being Jana. It was Jana who had suggested that they change the way Miranda worked to include a wider audience. As I said, both were ‘closet writers’ and Jana had done some paintings. Nevertheless neither of them had taken their dabbling attempts to the next level. I guess when Valda threw down the proverbial gauntlet both Miranda and Jana were given the opportunity to take up a challenge that would change their lives.

That is how Change Matters got its name. If you think about it change is the only thing that does matter, particularly when you are on a quest of self-discovery and personal growth.

Once Miranda and Jana decided that this name represented all their aspirations they started searching Planet Web for like-minded people who had thought about change as ‘mattering’. They discovered that they were in good company.

Valda never said she would design the website, she said she would set it up. This meant Miranda and Jana were now in a position where they could virtually do and say anything they wanted.

Although Miranda wanted to retain her whale’s tail as a symbol for zest for life she felt that she also wanted something new that would depict more about who they are together as a team and what they stood for in terms of the possible ideas and services they were about to offer.

Both had read Alice in Wonderland as children and later were totally hooked on Lewis Carroll’s characters as metaphors for some of the challenges that have to be faced on our journey through life. Miranda had also seen the movie What the Bleep, also known as The Rabbit Hole and Grace (Miranda’s first ever client) had given her the 5 DVD’s that discuss the philosophical position that inspired the movie. Many years ago, Miranda had also read Gary Zukav’s book The Dancing Wu Li Masters and John Gribbin’s book In Search of Schrödinger’s Cat. Both these books and the movie talks about Quantum Physics and the possibility of a different reality being lived along side our own.

In a sense the movie and these books are about shifting your perception so as to entertain different perspectives and probabilities. This notion had been the underlying energy-field force in Miranda’s own recovery and healing and she wanted the opportunity to translate it on their website.

Meanwhile something nudged her to go and find out more about The Rabbit as a symbol for shifting perceptions. In her search across The Web she found herself following a trail of myths and folk-lore before taking a quantum leap into the constellation of Lepus. I must admit I was surprised to see her as we hadn’t had many visitors recently. Miranda was equally surprised as she too wasn’t quite sure how she had arrived.

Just like Alice, Miranda has an insatiable curiosity – I guess she would never have found me if she hadn’t been curious. One of the first questions she asked me was ‘Are you for real?’ I remember replying, I must admit rather archly, ‘Well, that depends on your perception of reality’. I invited her for a cup of tea and a lettuce sandwich and so our friendship began with a long philosophical conversation that hasn’t stopped.

Just before our first ‘tea party’ together ended Miranda asked me whether I would pose for a photo so that she could capture my image for her new website. Of course, I refused. As some of you dear readers know, capturing an image arrests the subject. I am a free spirit; my very nature is to keep moving. If she took my photo I would have been captured and bound to Planet Web permanently. I wouldn’t be able to move around as I do leaping from Web, to Blog and back to Lepus or where ever else I want to be. So we compromised. I said to her that on her return to Planet Earth she could draw me leaping through the ‘rabbit-hole’ that accesses Lepus. Of course, the drawing is inaccurate and rather child-like in its rendition and that in itself is part of its charm, but it also gives you, dear reader, a hint of what is possible if you take a leap into the realm of the unknown.

The White Rabbit

NEXT POST: Dr Hollywood speaks! In her learned (somewhat earthbound) analysis of the White Rabbit’s cosmic chatter…you can find out what all this has to do with YOUR Hero’s Journey!!