What’s Yoga Got To Do With It?

What’s Yoga Got To Do With It?


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No this is not Doc Hollywood in yoga pose…Doc Hollywood does not personally do yoga…However (and perhaps because of this fact), this week she asks WHAT’S YOGA GOT TO DO WITH IT?!

In other words, why all this stuff about yoga on a psychotherapy site? Apart from the obvious and popular connection between mental health and mindfulness these days. Apart from it being the background info (you all love) on Miranda, her synchronistic meeting with Wendy, and her early literary escapades…

In other words, what does Change Matters mean by yoga?

Well, Once Upon A Time Miranda introduced Jana to the concept of street yoga, which we have touched on briefly in a previous blog

This is the concept whereby you apply your Quest for Enlightenment on a daily basis, in your daily life – not necessarily in a yoga studio (though you are welcome to do that too) or on retreat, or in a meditation session – but as you go about the business of well, your kitchen, your bathroom, living room and bed…

How does that translate? At Change Matters we teach you to use the skill of noticing as you go about your day, and particularly in situations where you are triggered (have a strong emotional response that is linked to an old wound). Miranda has just written a wonderful new article on the subject which you can request.

In truth, the skill of noticing (whereby you Stop, Observe and Steer, particularly when you are Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired – SOS and HALT) is key in any healing or recovery work. This is because your body will give you strong messages about past unresolved hurts which still need attending to. Most of us ignore these or are unaware of them (or, sometimes, take a pill for them). Heeding them and taking appropriate, responsive action is the way to comfort, soothe and heal your wounded inner child.

What kind of action? And how does it differ from a reaction?

More about this later. Or see the workshops we run regularly on such subjects.

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