Dedicated to the counsellors and
psychologists who arepresented
with this defence mechanism




In the land of Psyche investigation probes or hounds and defenses abound
Go too deep too quick or even slow through the layers to a core
And you might find there is no-one no more

Where did they go one wants to know
Was it to float up to the ceiling?
Was it to be driven further into deeper cover of amnesic reeling?
To hide by allowing time to bide

Just an empty shell
As the occupant vacates from the distress of traumatic hell
Perhaps some signs of hasty leaving
Responses to unfinished, disowned or unattended grieving
The last remains of blast-off – a hasty cast-off

Disintegration anxiety threatens the total annihilation of one’s very humanity

Components flee into opposite camps inside one’s head
To escape what is in the Land of Dread
A causality of consciousness to continue operating
Unhampered in another inner faculty
Between illusion and reality

Mr. Dissociation – Mercurius the archetype of all this hype
A lascivious under-world daemon – the transporter to oblivion
Provides a path of least resistance back into a safe self-care system
That watches out for this innocent by feeding it with soothing substitutes
As long as this wounded or naive creature listens to it’s keeper     

Fairytales describe this relationship well in the stories they do tell
Rapunzel and her witch – that daemonic bitch
Locks her high in the tower – a protective bower
Only with one means of escape
A rope of hair over the window sill does drape

The therapist must climb this umbilical vine
Follow this thread to the space inside her head
Persuade the Maid
To give up this fantasy and come back into reality
How is this done pray say?
Is a discussion for another day?

Eliza Burke