February 2014

Hi Friends,

Everyone I have spoken to so far is of the opinion that 2013 was a tough year for them in one way or another and that 2014 is the year where they can make something happen in their lives.

With the idea of making something happen in our lives we at Change Matters have decided to revisit an ‘old’ service and re-offer it. This service is our One Day Workshops.

Back in the ‘days’ when Miranda first qualified from SACAP in 2008 at the ripe age of 65 and realised that embarking on a new career as a applied psychology counsellor was the new way to ‘retire’, she decided to begin her practice by running personal growth workshops.

There was a reason for these workshops. Miranda is also a qualified Adult Education Practitioner. She believes that when you can understand something you have an informed choice. You can decide to shift and change or you can decide to remain the same, it is up to you.

At the time she called these workshops ‘Quest for Zest’. Each workshop could be attended as a ‘stand alone’, nevertheless for those who attended the entire series; they discovered that they had undergone a process that firmly put them onto a different transformational path.
During this past year it has become evident to Miranda that psycho-education has become the missing link in the therapeutic process that Change Matters has been offering since the ‘Quest for Zest’ workshops. This is because Change Matters hasn’t provided another series since 2009! Yes, they have offered ‘one-off’s’ but never again has there been an opportunity to go through a psycho-educational experiential learning process; a process whereby tools and techniques are explored and gained so as to provide a platform for transformation to occur.

This year Change Matters will be offering a new series of One Day workshops called ‘Path of the Heart’. In this series you will have the opportunity to learn how to love and esteem yourself. Many therapists will admit that our greatest challenge towards healing, recovery and transformation is learning to love who we are, accepting what parts of ourselves we cannot change and changing what parts of ourselves that we can.

You don’t have to be a client of Change Matters to benefit from this series of workshops. What is important is that you want to learn. In fact, those of you who are ‘mature’ students at a tertiary education facility or who are persons just experiencing a need to change, then these series could be an opportunity for you to learn some practical tools and techniques whilst giving yourself the gift of self-transformation.

Just what makes these series different from the usual run-of-the-mill series offering personal growth? Well first of all they encompass a body/mind/spirit component. Antoinette Wilken who is a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher and Body Stress Release Practitioner will begin each workshop with 60 minutes of stretch and relaxation that Miranda likes to describe as ‘Monkey Walking’. Kim Kulenkampf, Miranda’s assistant and a Masters student in Counselling Psychology will be providing concepts and constructs to stimulate the mind whilst Miranda and Kim will be offering a variety of creative experiences that enable you to tap into your ‘deeper self’.

During this process participants will be provided a safe, nurturing and confidential space to explore and express themselves in the beautiful surroundings of Montebello Design Centre at 31 Newlands Avenue, Newlands Cape Town.

Here is an outline of ‘The Path of the Heart’ programme:
1.    March 30th 2014     Who Am I?
2.    May 4th 2014    Heart Wounds
3.    June 1st 2014        ‘The Games People Play’
4.    June 29th     2014        Discover Your Inner Child
5.    July 27th 2014        Tapping Into The Language Of Your Body
6.    August 31st 2015         Tapping Into The Language Of Your Mind
7.    September 28th 2014    Tapping Into The Language Of Your Emotions
8.    October 26th 2014    ‘The Awareness Wheel’
9.    November 30th 2014    Breaking Through
10.  December 7th 2014    Putting It All Together

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May 2014 be the year when you are able to create something of benefit for yourself and others.

As Always