The Principles of Change: 8

The Principles of Change: 8

Principle no 8: The beginning is Awareness.

It’s taken the Doc a while to get to writing about this one (for avid followers of our blog, please excuse the delay). Why, I ask myself? Well, it takes a bit of thinking about. And has been a pertinent issue for me over the past while (not accidentally, I presume).

Our recovery begins with Awareness. Awareness that we are creating our own difficulties, awareness that we need to make other choices, awareness that we are blaming others but not meeting our own eyes in the mirror, awareness that we have tried all ways, and none of them have worked, and that we are stuck, needing help, and ready.

Then, during the recovery process we are encouraged to hone our awareness: pay attention. To what is going on inside you, to what you feel, to what you want. Notice your triggers. Notice what other people are doing. Take a breath. Decide how you want to respond.

Awareness is offered as an alternative to action sometimes. Observe, watch, be the Witness, hold it. Look it in the eye. See what it is doing to you, and how it wants you to react (your old Saboteur, that is).

Remember that it’s all about you (even when others are behaving in less than desirable ways) – turn your eyes inwards, look at what you are being taught, take the lesson, make the change.

“You experience pain until you are willing to be different. Being teachable is when you have tried everything you know how and then are willing to stop doing and start being love.”

By which we mean, self-love is at the bottom of such action (or non-action), and that it puts you in touch with universal love. It is the path of the heart.

(With thanks to the White Rabbit for adding clarity.)

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