Services and Contact

Services and Contact

Counselling Services and Contact

Contact us for Individual and couple therapy sessions in Kalk Bay, Cape Town

Skype and e-mail counselling & Workshops. To request free advice from our Agony Aunt, The White Rabbit! Please email us at

Contact Miranda: 082 630 2371

Online Counselling

You may not utilize many of these features, but one never knows when some aspect becomes useful for a business or personal event. I have used Skype on a daily basis for five years or so and find it to be a familiar and friendly (and free) tool.

The sign up is easy, quick and painless, First create a Skype account here:

It will take, at the most, five minutes.  You will need to acquire a Skype Name – Skype will help you search if necessary, and then you are ready to go. There are no special hardware requirements. Skype runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OSX operating systems.

If you have any problem with your Skype start-up please contact  Change Matters.